Avast ye visitators: If ye do not read this 'ere texts wit' piratitude, yew'll be missin' out on some o' th' fun.
Ye have been warned!

Welcome aboard Th' Rusty Cutlass, sister ship t' th' Inferno, crewed by th' grandest band o' scallywags yew'll eva cross paths wit'. Prop up yer peg, grab yerself some refreshyments an' let us tell ye th' tales o' arrr adventures, mate.

Arrr main port o' call is Capt Blade's Haunted Pirate Cove, where we've "acquisitioned" foodgoods an' sundries from th' local townsfolk, which we then donated t' th' Stark County Hunger Task Force an' a local veteran's group. We be all about helpin' thems what be in need o' arr charitable services.

We've also been espied in a parade er two an' have dropped anchor in local schools. We go where we be needed (an' sometimes not really needed!) so's that we can be helpin' as many in arrr communities as possible.

We have been asked t' be entertainers at birthday parties, faires, Pirate Fests an' community events. An' sometimes yew'll even find us doin' nothin' more than bringing smiles t' faces showin' up unexpectedly somewheres.

Some Rusty Pirate History

Aboot mid-way through th' yarr o' 2015, a small group o' pirate enthusiasts came together t' build a pirate-themed, non-haunted Halloween event fer families in th' Stark County, Ohio area. Before long, those scallywags became a close-knit group o' friends, a true crew. Durin' th' course o' 3 months, after many hours o' sweat an' blood, th' ship was completed jus' in time fer th' kiddos' Halloween festivities.

Th' ship set sail fer a 5 week adventure throughout th' merry month o' October. Durin' that time, thousands o' landlubbers were engulfed in piratical antics, resultinatin' in th' hoistin' o' several tons o' food fer a local food bank an' a Veteran's crew. Ye can view some piccy's from arrr gallery page an' read a writeup on cleveland.com if ye'd like t' know mores aboot it.

So what be on th' horizon fer th' Pirates o' th' Rusty Cutlass? Adventure, fer sure. We arrr lookin' fer a permanent location to use fer arr annual Haunt an' other pirate bus'ness. Outside o' that, we be 'Pirates fer Hire' fer corporate takeovers, mutiny squalls an' other charitable an' profitable events...we arrr pirates after all, savvy?

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