Tallships Challenge 2016

Fairport Harbor, Ohio


July 8-10, 2016 th’ first port fer th’ Tall Ships Challenge 2016 was in Fairport Harbor an’ arr crew was th’ pirate entertainers fer th’ whole weekend. Thar were aboot 125,000 people durin’ th’ event who showed up t’ see us (an’ maybe tourin’ th’ nine amazin’ tall ships that were thar had somethin’s t’ do wit’ it, too). Arr crew were set up in front o’ El Galeon, th’ 17th century Spanish galleon replica.

Right next t’ El Galeon, were th’ US Brig Niagara, an’ that were a lovely treat t’ see that great crew again. (If ye do not know th’ story o’ how we met th’ Niagara crew, read th’ blog post aboot arr 25th weddin’ anniversary!)

Blade & Trin2

We spent th’ whole weekend minglin’, entertainin’, makin’ people smile an’ gettin’ sunburnt, yarr. It was definitely th’ largest event we have been hired fer (so far) an’ it were a fantastic experience fer us! Loads o’ images be posted in th’ gallery. We hopes ye enjoy viewin’ them as much as we enjoyed bein’ a part o’ somethin’ so great!

Lastly, here be a li’l promo video o’ us at th’ Tall Ships Fest – feast ye eyes upon it, it’s good fun!