Welcome Aboard

Dis here be arr new blog an’ we welcome ye to it!

Prop yer peg, rest yer hook an’ stay awhile aboard arr ship, The Inferno. Here we be makin’ port an’ tellin’ ye all th’ tales o’ arr adventures – an’ they be mighty fine adventures, indeed. Filled wit’ action, suspense, merry celebrations an’ more! If ye have any bit o’ salt-life in ye, yer not goin’ t’ wants t’ be leavin’ any time soon an’ ye may find yerself wantin’ t’ stow yerself away wit’ us an’ join th’ crew! Don’t say ye weren’t warrrned.

Charity an’ Community Events

First off, ye should know a li’l somethin’ aboot us, in case ye wandarred here wit’out knowin’ who we arr. We, th’ Pirates of the Rusty Cutlass, arr a group o’ Pirate Entertainers – that do much more than just entertain. You see, we have big hearts an’ small pockets an’ we give back t’ arr communities through charity events, benefits an’ community outreach events which arr generally done pro bono. In certain situations, we may charge a small fee fer doin’ such events, but then th’ proceeds from that event arr used t’ benefit th’ community.

Pirates Fer Hire

Now, don’t go gittin’ th’ wrong idear here, we also provide entertainment services fer a fee – we arr pirates after all, savvy? Arr prices arr comparable t’ other entertainer fees, but wit’ us  (dependin’ on th’ package selected), ye git multiple pirate entertainers, games, props, a photobooth an’ theme-setting decorations as well as memories, photos an’ stories t’ tell long after th’ event has passed. Another t’ing that sets us apart is that th’ majority o’ th’ proceeds from arr hired events go back into arr communities an’ fundin’ t’ keep arr business runnin’. Not what ye might expect from a group o’ pirates, but ’tis th’ community that brought us together an’ th’ community that we serve, ’tis only right fer us t’ give back.

Ye can read more aboot us here.