Aboot Us

Who Be These Pirates?

tonsOfFood We be a fine crew o’ like-minded souls wit’ big hearts an’ small egos. We be seein’ many folk in arr communities that have a need. Some be needin’ food er clothin’. Some be needin’ shelter er jobs. Some may be needin’ little more than a smile, someone willin’ t’ listen t’ them er a little light-hearted enjoyment in a sometimes drab an’ dreary world. We intend t’ provide a means t’ fill th’ void an’ help all in need…an’ we just happens t’ wear pirate gear doin’ it! Savvy?

Aside from arr charity an’ community work, we also be Pirates fer Hire. That’s right, lads an’ lasses, ye can hire arr Crew fer yer next event! Whether ye be havin’ a (children er adult) pirate-themed party, a holiday bash, er even a school er corporate event we can provide yer much needed pirate entertainment services!

Arr prices fer arr hired services arr comparable t’ th’ av’rage entertainer fees but wit’ us ye git much more than a solo performer; dependin’ on th’ package selected, ye git multiple pirate entertainers, games, props, a photobooth an’ theme-setting decorations as well as memories, photos an’ stories t’ tell long after th’ event has passed. Another t’ing that sets us apart is that th’ majority o’ th’ proceeds from arr hired events go back into arr communities an’ fundin’ t’ keep arr business runnin’. Not what ye might expect from a group o’ pirates, but ’tis th’ community that brought us together an’ th’ community that we serve, ’tis only right fer us t’ give back.

Mission Statement

Piratical by nature, we – as a crew – aim t’ serve arr communities through entertainment an’ charity events.

Arr Code (Pirata Codex)

Pirata Codex

Arr code be a simple one, an’ one that mostly need not be mentioned a’tall but fer th’ sake o’ th’ peace o’ mind fer e’eryone.

  •   All crew members have an equal say in matters pertainin’ t’ th’ group. If there be a split amongst th’ crew, th’ Cap’n’s vote breaks th’ tie.
  •   No crew member shall be privvy t’ illegal activity. If a member shall be found t’ be involved in such a situation that be bringin’ harm t’ th’ group, that member shall be marrooned (forced t’ leave th’ group).
  •   All crew members shall keep their garb an’ gear event-ready a’tall times.
  •   All crew members be expectin’ t’ conduct themselves accordin’ly. No grog consumption fer any contracted er charity event, no cursin’ fer kid-friendly events, no unsolicited behaviors fer adult-oriented events, etc